Thursday, September 3, 2009

'Currawong Creek' Cuties Released by Aussie Photographer Paul Freeman

Scenes of drovers, farm-hands and cowboys cavorting naked in earthy waterholes – Paul Freeman’s new monograph Outback: Currawong Creek is the ultimate larrikin fantasy, writes Garrett Bithell.

Renowned Australian photographer Paul Freeman has just released his new monograph, 'Outback: Currawong Creek'.

Outback: Currowong Creek is the sequel to last year’s Outback, which showcased the intimate male camaraderie in the parched Australian bush.

If you are looking for a collection of stunningly beautiful photographs of men that move you and take you on a story-telling journey , and not just a bunch of pics of ‘hot’ guys in samey poses, what better way to celebrate photographer Paul Freeman’s self- publishing business turning five, than with a sixth book of his work - Outback Currawong Creek.

With 240 art photographs of male nudes and portraits on 200 luxuriously large format art stock pages, this beautifully bound and dust-jacketed book continues Freeman’s photographic story of hardworking and intimate male camaraderie in the Australian rural heartland.

Another reward for the loyal fan base he has built around the world, while competing to present his distinctive gorgeous and artistic brand of portraiture against the conglomerates and giants of publishing.

For those who thought Freeman’s popular Bondi series would be a hard act to follow, with its focus on fabulous Sydney men in a stunning coastal cultural context. Last year Outback carried and captured our imaginations during a rollicking pictorial ‘boys own’ adventure in the parched farming landscape of Australia.

Scenes of mates cavorting naked in outback creeks lends a ‘Bear Pond’ flavour to an Outback Currawong Creek filled with drovers, farm-hands and cowboys, working and at play, a wonderful array of uniquely beautiful men in a breathtakingly beautiful country, transformed again by Freeman into a timeless romantic world of photographic art.

For those seeking unsurpassed photos of the Australian breed of beauty, this new release is a must have.

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